YouTube advertising is an essential part of every business marketing strategy. It helps to promote your brand or business to the audience. One-third of the audience watching the video on the internet. It has billions of hours of video uploading on YouTube.

YouTube Video Advertising:

YouTube advertisements allow marketers to lead the best performance track with paid visual placements next to the other video platforms. It would help if you understood the importance of the role of YouTube advertising.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is the best video sharing platform, and it is a network on the most compelling form of video. Half of the internet users watch videos online every day. 

In the 2019 survey, 80% of the traffic will be created by online videos. One hundred hours of video content uploaded every minute and billion views per day in the YouTube network. It is the best social network leading the video rebellion.

YouTube may be a stage that suits the user’s utilization inclinations. A bulk of the network videos are 70% to be correct, and it is seen as versatile. And nowadays, portable drives the most noteworthy share of the web’s activity.

YouTube offers the audience what they need where and when they need it. It’s also a platform that benefits from the network to Google’s enormous arrange of websites. This means promoters can utilize YouTube show promoting to not as it were advance their videos on the stage but through millions of distributors. Buy YouTube likes is an additional way to grasp the viewers to see your content and support them. 

Types of YouTube ads:

YouTube is the best platform to build on video. But as marketers aiming to earn views, likes, and share. You will have more than just video formats to choose from. Here are the designs you may need to back your destinations total with advertisement specs so you are able to make beautiful advertisements over all gadgets.

There are six types of advertising on YouTube. 

Overlay Ad:

It is the rectangular banner display on the bottom of the screen. It can be text or video, appear on before the video playing.

Image dimensions are 480×70, and the file type is Static, GIF, PNG, JPG. And the file size should be 150 KB.

Skippable & non-skippable ad:

Requirements: Upload your YouTube is send Video URL (it has not allowed the shortened URL), allow embedding, be public or unlisted.

Video length should be a minimum of 12 sec to a maximum of 6 minutes. 30 sec may be allowed in certain circumstances in the USA. For 20-second ads are India, Malaysia, and Singapore. 

Sponsored cards:

Sponsored cards are rectangular advertisements that show up inside the player on the proper, whereas a video is playing. They are utilized to promote products or administrations that show up within the video.

The video formats are .jpg, .gif, or .PNG and the file size is 5MB maximum