On which platform you can promote your YouTube videos?

You can promote your YouTube videos on other social media platforms as well by buy youTube promotion, however, if you have different platforms associated with a single identity, then you must promote unique content, maybe related but need to be unique on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. 

Preparing your social media platforms for YouTube Promotions

  • For YouTube promotions on other social media platforms, you must have a unique description and add relevant profile picture and details. Must add the “About” section and a link to your website or your forum on these platforms.
  • Most of these platforms allow you to add a keyword with a hashtag that is trending in your niche. You can use them to help people finding similar products to find you.
  • Ask your fellow influencers and viewers to publish your videos on their social media platforms as well. This way you will synergies and will get attention from their audience as well.
  • If you  buy YouTube comments likes & dislikes , you can embed your YouTube promotion videos on your blog or website as well and get more comments, likes, and dislikes.
  • You can also ask a fellow blogger to post your video on their suite as well. This can be paid or free based on your line of agreements with them.

Using Facebook

To use Facebook for your YouTube promotions, this media will help you raise your brand awareness. Most people log into Facebook to see what’s happening around them and stay updated.  In the way when they are scrolling through their wall, your video may appear and tell them about your products. Initially, this is pushed by the backend and then based on how the audience is reacting to them as if they are liking them the videos remain alive on the Facebook wall.

Using Instagram

Instagram will allow you to post images and short videos daily. It’s the best platform to promote teasers will call of action button which will instigate people to come to your channel. However, this has a comparatively young audience.

Using Twitter

Twitter has millions of audience, however, the shelf life of your tweet is very limited. Unless somebody is following you there is no guarantee that the audience will get to see your message. The best way is to ask the people who already have a big chunk of followers to re-tweet your message to increase your reach.

Using Pinterest

Pinterest also works with keywords. Often people have their very own keywords and if they have searched for that keyword in past, then your feed will be shown with an image to follow to your website. The key to being relevant on Pinterest is by posting beautiful pictures that should instigate people to follow it to visit your website.