A new feature on Instagram is Reels, which is built inside the Instagram app; it is on a stand-alone app like TikTok; it is created because of challenging TikTok, and also it is known as an alternative to TikTok. You can receive Instagram Reels comments for your 15 seconds video clips set to dialogues, songs, and music and share the videos to the new Rels tab on your profile, your Explore feed, and as well as your Instagram stories. This Reels feature is available now in Brazil, India, and the US, and other about 50 other countries.  The version of TikTok’s For You Page on Instagram Reels is the Explore Feed. You can find or search for Reels of trending accounts and popular accounts on Instagram with the help of the Explore feed. You will find the Reels video from the people you follow on Instagram alongside traditional posts of Instagram in your newsfeed.

The algorithm of the Instagram Reels is a little bit of a mystery as of yet. Even though it follows the algorithm of Instagram. Based on the users engaging with the Reels videos, algorithmically, the For You page on TikTok generated the content and videos, and it is a really great work for making and showing the video content based on the activity and interest by the users on the app. But the algorithm of Instagram is a bit different. Instagram shows you a Reels video based on the algorithm of what type of videos you engage with most and what type of people you follow. This is the same algorithm used by IGTV and Instagram Stories. 


You have to know how to create Instagram Reels before you go to download. Start by choosing the Instagram camera for choosing the Reels. There you will see the different and various tools for editing on the left-hand side of the camera screen to help the people ease the creation of the Reels.


People can search for songs in the music library on Instagram, or else Instagram allows the people to use their original audio and own audio by just recording a Reel with a sound. If you share the Reel on Instagram with your own sound, then that sound will be attributed to you. Other users can create a Reels with the help of your sounds, but only if you have a public profile.


The gallery of effects included the effects which are created by creators globally and also by Instagram itself.


For recording a hands-free video, you have to set the timer. You will be able to get a countdown from three before the beginning of the video record when you press the record option. You can align multiple clips with the align options.